Hotel Professionals offers its clients specialized and professional advisory services in areas such as new hotel investments, already existing hotel networks and independent facilities as well as associated hotel infrastructure, such as conference and congress centers, exhibitions, spa facilities, bars, restaurants, and casinos. We are the first company in Poland to provide such a comprehensive list of consulting services and solutions for the hotel market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


Our experts have extensive operating and consulting experience in the global hotel industry. We understand the intricacies of this commercial real estate product from the inside out, allowing us to provide professional support and advisory on new hotel projects and already operating hotel businesses. With the experience gained while working on more than 350 projects in Poland and abroad paired with our global network of contacts and international investors, networks, and operators, we guarantee our customers the highest quality advisory services.


Hotel Professionals offers its clients the highest quality advisory and support at every stage of the hotel investment process.
The stages can be generally outlined as follows:

Hotel doctor


Nie wystarczy walczyć z objawami, znajdziemy przyczynę.

Miarą sukcesu hotelu są jego wyniki. To one odzwierciedlają kondycję obiektu, a ich spadek to najczęstszy objaw choroby hotelowego organizmu.
Hotel Doctor to kompleksowy program skierowany do inwestorów, właścicieli i dyrektorów hoteli pragnących zadbać o kondycję swoich obiektów i poprawić osiągane wyniki.
Oferowany program składa się z czterech etapów prowadzonych przez specjalistów posiadających wieloletnie doświadczenie operacyjne i doradcze.

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– „Badanie” – przeprowadzenie dogłębnej analizy działalności i funkcjonowania hotelu;
– „Diagnoza” – identyfikacja problematycznych sfer i procesów, które nie pozwalają na pełne wykorzystanie potencjału obiektu;
– „Recepta” – wskazanie zestawu rekomendowanych działań i narzędzi służących poprawie wyników i wzmocnieniu pozycji hotelu na rynku;
– „Leczenie” – wsparcie w procesie skutecznego wdrażania rekomendowanych działań i narzędzi.

Zachęcamy do wypełnienia krótkiej ankiety, polegającej na wskazaniu sfer, które uważają Państwo za problematyczne w swoim hotelu. Taka wstępna analiza pozwoli nam na przygotowanie oferty najlepiej dostosowanej do Państwa potrzeb.


Hotel management / asset management

Our asset management services were created with one concept in mind – flexibility. We understand that each investor and each project requires a unique approach which is dependent on many variables.

The core of our hotel management team has over 100 years of combined hotel management experience the majority of which under globally branded hotel products. Our tried and tested management practices are heavily focused on revenue and cost optimization without negatively impacting level of service – a delicate balance determining the success of the investor’s hotel investment.

Our vast amount of hotel management experience in various markets around the world, together with our database of highly knowledgeable hospitality professionals in Poland, allows us to offer our clients complex management services at the highest levels.

Our hotel management services were envisioned for hotel owners and investors who do not poses the adequate knowhow to properly manage the asset or who do not want to be involved in the day to day operation of the hotel.

What really differentiates our services from our competitors is the timespan of our contracts. Depending on the needs and strategy of the client, we are able to manage assets in a long-term basis (5-10 years) or short term basis (1-4 years). No matter how long we are engaged in the management of the hotel, once our services are rendered, we will hand over an effectively running hotel that is operationally optimized.

Our management services are geared to new investment projects as well as already functioning properties and branded or unbranded products.

Hotel Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility study clearly demonstrates the financial viability of the hotel investment and provides clear guidance as to the optimal configuration of the investment. Our documents are trusted by banks and have been used for their financing decision making processes.

Architectural Support

Because we have been involved in hundreds of hotel projects, we know what it takes to have a well thought-out hotel design that is optimized for branding and hotel operations. We work together with the project’s architects to ensure that the investor is left with a hotel asset that is configured to perform at an optimal level throughout its lifecycle.


– Hotel investor search and brokerage services.
– Acquisition of hotel brands through franchise or management agreements.
– Acquisition of hotel operators through management or lease agreements.
– Short – medium term management of hotel assets by us – Hotel Professionals, whereby we ensure that the investor is left with a well performing hotel once our services are rendered.

Financing Support

We have ongoing relationships with all of the major banking institutions in Poland. We offer our clients comprehensive support in obtaining financing for our customers. Together with the client, we present hotel projects to banks and convince decision makers to allocate funds to projects which had positive outcomes during our feasibility analyses. Throughout the process, we provide further evidence and market insights to support our financial projections.

Operational Review, Guidance & Restructure

Hotel Professionals provides operational review services for already functioning hotels. From interviewing the key positions in the hotel, conducting secret shopper activities, through to analyzing the most significant internal processes and procedures within the hotel, we provide an in-depth view on the operations of the hotel and above all, provide solutions to ensure that the hotel is performing at its optimum level.

These services are also provided for new hotel developments where we act as a consultant to the ownership in setting up the operations of the hotel.

Valuation Services

Our professional, reliable and transparent valuations are provided in cooperation with our partners. Depending on your budget and needs, we are able to provide different forms of appraisal documents tailor made to fit your requirements. Our valuation services can be rendered for not only operating hotels but hotel projects and investments under construction as well.

Market Research

We have deep market insight through our long standing relationships with the major participants in the hotel industry. Our hotel database is one of the most comprehensive and most detailed on the market. Our intelligence is based on actual market data which is not publicly available.

Hotel Management

Our vast experience in managing hotels across the world, as well as our network of talented hotel professionals from all over Poland allows us to provide hotel management services for hotel investors who do not want to manage the hotel themselves, engage in costly and long-term management contracts and want to make a greater return on investment than lease contracts provide. Our management services ensure that the hotel is operating at its best shortly after we are engaged. Our services are cost effective and provide the ownership with a high level of flexibility, we only manage the hotel as long as we are needed and show our clients how to run a hotel along the way.

Other Specialties

– Conferencing and MICE Sector Venues
– Condo, Apart hotels, Serviced Apartments
– SPA & Wellness Facilities
– Casinos and Entertainment Centers
– Mixed-use Developments & Destination Venues